An internationally recognized standard

In placing their own retail brands on the market, food retailers run a higher risk of liability for these products. In order to safeguard themselves they require the manufacturers to provide evidence of the safety, quality, and legality of their products, based on the International Food Standard IFS, which was created for just this purpose. The members of the retail associations in Germany (HDE), France (FCD), and Italy (FEDERDISTRIBUZIONE) mutually recognize assessment results and certificates, and no longer conduct any supplier audits of their own.

First and foremost the standard addresses manufacturers of retailer branded products, as well as producers of proprietary brands that have been requested by food retailers to undergo such an assessment. Organizations throughout the food value chain take advantage of IFS to demonstrate their own activities in respect of food safety, food quality, and food legality.

Recognize Expectations
Control Processes
Ensure Success

Benefits for your organization

The certification standard is designed for all food business operators, regardless of their size or complexity