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DQS Certification AUSNZ P/L is an Australian registered company – an independent and competent management partner for companies of every size and all business sectors – we offer objective assessments in a large number of approved norms and technical or industrial specific standards. DQS AUSNZ as a part of the worldwide DQS Group is located in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, focusing on a wide range of assessment and training services More than 2,300 DQS auditors world-wide present a wide range of experience and proximity to our customers. Our auditors are highly trained and qualified to undertake various assessments as well as add value to our clients. Customers with sites located around the world appreciate our cross-cultural capabilities.

Appreciation in the market

Providing over 47,000 certificates in more than 100 countries DQS belongs to the top group of international management certification bodies. More than 75 offices in over 50 countries ensure large coverage and scope of assessment services which guarantees lasting added value. The DQS cooperation with IQNet “The International Certification Network” enhances the certification of globally active companies. DQS is established as founding member of IQNet.

DQS is involved with the ongoing success of companies by sustained assessments of management systems and business processes. Our services focus on quality, environmental, industrial, and safety management. Risk management, information security and business excellence are gaining importance at an increasing rate. DQS assesses management systems and processes on the basis of nationally and internationally recognized standards and specifications. By way of the international offices of the DQS Group, DQS has also been authorized by various national accreditation bodies in different countries.

The advantage of ISO certification is that it provides a focus on performance and the means to achieve that performance. DQS provided a management focus on performance and was outstanding. We all look forward to our continuing relationship with DQS. Keith Crellin - Bateman Engineering Pty Ltd
Further Information

DAkkS – German Accreditation Service GmbH
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, ISO/TS 16949, EN/AS 9100 series, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, EN 15593, ISO 27001, ISO 15378, SA 8000.

JAS-ANZ – Joint Accreditation System for Australian and New Zealand
ISO 9001:2008, AS/NZS 4801:2001, OHSAS 18001, PrimeSafe. Click here to search for DQS certified organisations on the JASANZ online register.

UKAS & Food Safety
AS 9100, GLOBAL G.A.P., GMP+ 2006, IFS Food, PEFC, BRC Food, BRC/IoP, HACCP.

Certification Rules
The assessment and certification of a management system by an independent, competent third party, such as DQS, generates valuable benefits for the client. A DQS certificate will serve as evidence for a suitable and effective management system with the capability to continuously meet customer expectations as well as regulatory and statutory requirements.

During an assessment qualified and experienced assessors review the management system and its processes for ongoing suitability and effectiveness in light of changing markets and environment. By identifying improvement potential, assessors enhance the organization’s ability to meet established goals and confidence on the client and the certified management system, which has been assessed and certified to recognized standards and specifications.

Click here to view Rules for use of DQS, IQNet, and JAS-ANZ certification symbols for Management Systems
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The executive management of DQS Certification AUSNZ Pty Ltd respects the importance of impartiality in carrying our assessment and certification activities. Potential conflict of interest is managed in order to assure the objectivity of all certification activities. Corporate policies and guidelines of the DQS Group have been established and implemented accordingly.

The value of certification is the degree of confidence and trust that is established by an impartial and competent assessment by DQS. The customers of certified organizations and end users expect to be able to rely on the value of certificates issued. To promote this confidence, DQS takes into account the following principles in all of its activities:

Responsiveness to complaints Ethical business practices

Our Busines Policy

“It is our policy to provide assessment, auditing, certification and public training services which benefit our clients and contribute to the overall integrity and value of international certification.”

The management system described in this Manual shall be accessible to all personnel involved with our auditing and certification processes.

Our management is fully committed to the implementation of company’s policies and full compliance with the accreditation requirements. DQS staff and contract personnel shall comply with national and international accreditation criteria and ensure that the highest standards of professionalism and business integrity are maintained at all times.

The Board of Directors is fully committed to safeguard and preserve the impartiality and independence of DQS Certification AUSNZ Pty Ltd including impartially carrying out management system certification of our clients, managing any real or perceived conflict of interest, ensuring objectivity of our audit activities as well as protection of privacy and confidentiality.

All conformity assessment activities shall be conducted impartially, not allowing commercial, financial and other pressures to compromise total impartiality in certification.

DQS Certification AUSNZ Pty Ltd shall comply with all relevant legislative requirements.

Personnel, technical assessors, technical experts and contract auditors shall be provided with up-to-date documentation including appropriate instructions and information on all relevant certification activities

It is imperative for our success to ensure that all personnel and contract auditors fully comply with the DQS Certification AUSNZ Pty Ltd policies and procedures

We are committed to maintaining accreditations with relevant regulatory bodies and implementing continuous enhancements of all assessment, auditing and certification processes.

We shall closely liaise and cooperate with DQS Holding GmbH to enable provision of the best value for our customers and stakeholders.

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By way of the international offices of the DQS Group, DQS has also been authorized by various national accreditation bodies in different countries.
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